Domestic and Family Law

Domestic law is commonly referred to as “family law.”  This area of the law is probably the most emotional for persons having to deal with the issues of child custody, child support, property distribution, divorce and alimony.  Our office takes these cases with the philosophy that every person has the right to have their story told in the presence of a Judge unless an amicable and fair resolution can be negotiated with the other side prior to trial.  Do not deal with your significant others attorney without an attorney of your own.  The N.C. State Bar strictly prohibits one lawyer from representing two clients in a domestic case.  However, some attorneys draft agreements on behalf of one person and the other person goes and signs the same without knowing what they are signing.  This can be a legal travesty if you are not careful.  If you are experiencing issues with your significant other with regards to child custody, child support, property distribution, alimony, or domestic violence, we are here to assist you aggressively in handling your case.